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Australian motorists are continually given a rough ride.  Gouged by all levels of government, overcharged, abandoned in congestion, imposed with punishing fees and fines, forced onto expensive toll roads, ripped off for parking, constantly pushed off city streets to make way for bikes or trams or whatever and allowed to die in huge numbers on our roads each year.  We are low on government agendas other than for revenue raising or using the taxes we've already paid to build expensive toll roads - we then have to pay again to use!


It's time for Australian motorists to to be given a fair go. The Australian Motorists Party is your voice in government for important issues affecting all Australian motorists.


If you've had enough and want to see change:



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The sheer madness of Sydney's butchered streets.

By Motorists Party
September 22, 2021
Category: NSW
Sydney's streets are continuously being butchered at the expense of motor vehicles. As we've seen recently with Sydney's Pitt Street, lanes have been lost for both crucial loading parking as well as traffic flow. Sydney's b empty trams (empty even when not in lockdown), and more suited to a previous century, have eaten up big chunks of city streets.  Important roadways for deliveries and access are being converted into cycleways that go virtually unused. Add to the insult the fact that we often see cyclists using the remaining roadway le... Continue reading
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Driving change towards greener motoring

By Motorists Party
September 21, 2021
Category: FEDERAL

Motorists have been a major source of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. However, we believe the vast majority of motorists would prefer to drive clean energy vehicles and not contribute to climate change at all given the chance.  And every assistance should be given to motorists wanting to make the change from fossil burning vehicles to electric.


Currently there are no real incenti... Continue reading


Is this Clover’s vision for Sydney motorists?

By Motorists Party
September 10, 2021
Category: NSW

You may have seen this "sculpture" on Hickson Road, Walsh Bay in Sydney's CBD.  Putting aside its questionable artistic qualities, to us it symbolises Sydney City's attitude to cars. And you may well be excused for thinking so when you see what is being done to Sydney's streets in an endeavour to remove motor vehicles from them. With exorbitant parking fees and levies, the continuous conversion of motor vehicle lanes exclusively to cycle lanes, the reduction of speed limits to 40... Continue reading

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